Просмотр полной версии : Peterburg-Pskov-Sebezh-Magorevo and back...

24.11.2008, 23:07
For a long time there was at me a desire to distract from work and to go to the Pskov area, it is possible to consider actually this trip as investigation, there is at me for a long time a desire to get the house in a quiet village for rest, and is possible and absolutely there to get over from a noisy city with its problems and crises. Friends have told to me about Sebezhsky edge in the Pskov area. I suggest you to look photos and I wish to share impressions of a trip. Have left Peter towards evening, having headed for Pskov.

24.11.2008, 23:14
Pskov passed at night, in Sebezh were by midnight. Have stopped on a lodging for the night in hotel Baltic. Morning for us has begun very much early, from Sebezha to Magareva approximately kilometres 50, a way part on impassability. Having photographed hotel for memory, have decided to allocate a few time for walk on a city.

24.11.2008, 23:21
Sebezh is a special world, anyway so it seems after noisy Peterburg. Silent streets, ancient houses. At people what that absolutely others, kind faces, and the population of all nearby 5000 persons.

24.11.2008, 23:26
Centr of Sebezh - mountain Zamkovaja. The lock has not remained, but from mountain fine and very picturesque kinds on area. The city is located on narrow peninsula between lakes.

24.11.2008, 23:38
Bus stop..... Anywhere before such did not see..... And a monument with a military vehicle resistant to definition. What is it? the Tank on a sledge? I will be grateful, if somebody from reading this report writes that this such. Such sensation that the way of life in this small city has stopped in the middle of 20 century. People live hunting, fishery and agriculture. Of sights in Sebezh it is full, some buildings on some hundreds years.

24.11.2008, 23:47
Having roamed on Sebezh we go further to a solitude of Sebezhsky area.

24.11.2008, 23:48
There where asphalt comes to an end..........

24.11.2008, 23:59
The village Magarevo is located on a grief, at the foot of a hill the big lake, a place very beautiful, wood as on Karelian isthmus pines and sand.

25.11.2008, 00:22
The life has left this place From local residents there was one person. One house on the bank of lake in quite decent condition with the big site with a bath and constructions is on sale, cheaply, would buy without deliberating, but one week ago there came Muscovites and have outstripped It is a pity. According to local in these parts excellent hunting, fishing.............. Also wild boars, elks, wolves and many wood animals in these parts are found.

25.11.2008, 00:41
Nearby to village we have found very interesting place in wood. Ancient barrows. In the ancient time there leaders of tribes have been buried. To these barrows more than 1000.

25.11.2008, 00:47
On a way back we have sat down, the forester on the UAZ has gained.

25.11.2008, 01:28
On the next morning we came home and stay in Pskov for walking and making some photos of this old and beautiful town!

25.11.2008, 04:52
Good photos Avtokosmos. The weather must be cold going by the snow. You must have had a good time and some of the tracks would have been a challenge.:)

25.11.2008, 17:47
Thanks LsBob! The weather is fine, and it wasn't so cold.