Просмотр полной версии : New Zealand Trip

16.01.2009, 03:19
Took a short day trip as its the holidays, turned out to be extremely easy!!!
Normally the water in the river is at least over the wheels and you can imgaine the mud in the tracks!! but we have a drought here in New Zealand and it was very dry,I wish I could show much more "extreme" as per normal but I cannot!!!!
We Left Christchurch at 7.00am on 15/01/09
Proceeded to (marked 7 on the map):

Then to Springs Junction and got Diesel(see Photo)

Proceeded to the turnoff to the area we own (private Property) Marked SH65 and turned right into the forest:
Along the road to the begining of the Riverbed access which is called the magic mile (in the center of this map):
YOu can see first photo which is around here (follow the riverbed south to here where there are some photos of the river "road" and then going into the forest tracks :
Then Proceeded through the river and forest to the Private hut that a few of us own(like kolhoz) for receation and a quiet place where you can Four wheel drive as much as you like and no government people can stop us (see photos with Landrover at the hut and views South over Thompsons flat (hut in centre of this link)


16.01.2009, 03:25
More Photos,can do this in russian if you want

30.01.2009, 23:07
More Photos,can do this in russian if you want

Nice photos sasha2001!
Beautiful scenes of hills and mountais! :)
Looks like in the film "Lord of the Rings"