: January hunder

03.03.2010, 19:35
Today, despite a terrible frost, I visited reconstruction in Nikolsky devoted by 67 anniversary of lifting of a blockade of Leningrad, it is visible that reconstructors recollected operation "January thunder".

In short about this operation:
It was a large military operation of the Soviet armies conducted in January 1944 under command of general major Ivan Fedjuninskogo and general colonel Ivan Maslennikov in south-west of Leningrad. Had led to complete lifting of a blockade of Leningrad and rejected the opponent on distance of 60-100 km from a city. It was completed performed year before operation "Spark" on break of a ring of blockade, and also led to destruction petergofsko-strelninskoj groupings of the opponent.

It was very interesting. Not so much submission, how many possibility to look for work reconstructors on a reconstruction of arms and the form of times the Second world. War is blood and a dirt instead of circus, but on the other hand it is necessary to give due to those who still remembers it, after all probably is easier now remember nothing and don't know. Such now time.
From a tribune flew verbal an official dispute of deputies and the mighty of this world, crowds of spectators, polices, the Cossack horse travelling hardly at some distance dealers with hot tea and vodka that has pleased on a frost.
Germans took items opposite to a tribune, Russian there came from outside woods, reconstruction of fight lasted nearby an hour. Ffter it was possible to communicate with reconstructors, to look the weapon and engineering, but this time from for a strong frost had especially no time for it.

See pictures here!!! http://avtokosmos.ru/forum/gallery/browseimages.php?c=71

28.03.2010, 10:32
Hi Haka very good!!!! love the photo about tea!!!


30.03.2010, 02:28
Thanks ))
But pictures can't show us, the full scene of this event ((