Просмотр полной версии : Rescue by horse in Transylvania!

24.04.2008, 11:11
Hi, I thought you should all share in a rather interesting rescue which took place last month. Your 3rd prize registration winner Scotian will tell you he could have got out himself. Don't believe a word of it!

We went for a jaunt with Marcus and his girlfriend on my patch in Transylvania. Marcus was throwing his LR all over the place, all day off road and then got stuck in the village! We took a very narrow lane that is apparently totally impassible at this time of the year as it meets a stream further up which fills the lower part of the lane making a complete swamp of mud like glue. After making several attempts to escape and with only one LR and no winch the straps and Hi-lift were brought out. By this time half the village was watching and having a really good laugh. You could see the frustration when they saw it inch painfully forward at snails pace. One of the old boys whispered to me, "shall I get the tractor or the horse." I whispered back, "better make it the horse." I nearly wet myself when I saw Marcus' face!

Take a look at the video! (http://www.youtube.com/xpowerracer)





24.04.2008, 12:11
That didnt take long did it. You've been a member of this forum for about 24 hours and you already brought up the horse incident...

On the LR4x4 forum my Avatar statment is "1 Horse power" Set like that by the mods.. I hope I dont end up with the same statment in russian here!! :-S

And I sooo wasnt stuck. we were just humoring the villagers :) But of PR work if you ask me :)

And Paul. if you just go to those other two posts, click on edit, then at the top there is an option to delete your own thread. See.. he says I was stuck off road... but he is stuck on the forum :p

24.04.2008, 19:58
It looks like an Russian village in spring. But I have never seen that someone harness his horse into car.:wassat:
Once I visit Tihvin and stay to night on surburb of city. There was a strangh rain those night and the road had been washed away. Got out from there for 4 days, up to asphalt there were only 100 metres.

24.04.2008, 21:37
The photo from www.vse4x4.ru