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13.05.2008, 21:11
Whether there is an opportunity to rent Defender 110 from for 1 month in February 2009. To it it is necessary a cable, a children's armchair and Hi Lift Lack. Driving on strong impassability is not planned, the purpose - From Sydney to pass on the West of continent and to return to Sydney. If there is no such opportunity in Sydney can reach other city. Easier to go by the usual machine it is terrible, at beautiful places sandy roads.

In advance thanks

14.05.2008, 07:51
Hullo Vbifus.
There a a few companies that rent out Four wheel drives, unfortuneately the companies mainly have Toyotas. however give me some time and I will see if there are places hiring out Land Rovers.
The advantage with a Land Rover is that the owners are a more sociable group and will help you a lot more with advice or other matters. One web site you may wish ti visit later is http://www.aulro.com/
There if you want some detailed knowledge you can make a post and local members will be delighted to help you.
Firstly some companies have 4WDs which are converted to campers so you do not have to take a tent and cooking gear with you.
http://www.britz.com.au/ Britz is one which does a lot of business with Europeans,
Maui http://www.maui.com.au/
Getabout http://www.getaboutoz.com/
Thrifty but they probably do not have a 4Wd fitted out as a camper http://www.thrifty.com.au/
Europcar http://www.europcar.com.au/
Four wheel drive hire, can only find their email address Sales@4wdhire.con.au

The above companies have offices throughout Australia.
It is necessary in Australia if there is a child up to 4 years old to use a special shild safety seat, these are easily removable and most hire companies should have them, you can also get a booster seat for those older than 4 but cannot see out of the window. Some will have a winch but not all companies, and the same for a high lift jack.
Rather than go through this forum do you want to PM me? Mention if you do in this forum in case the PN foes not work.
time frame for your trip one month will not allow you to see much.

14.05.2008, 12:56
Many thanks for the information. Such references, except for Eurocar I have not found. I shall study. It agree, for 1 month all to not look. But there is no at me such big holiday. There will be a sightseeing tour, and next time already in more detail.

15.05.2008, 08:50
What places are you interested in visiting during the month here? Are there any places that you want to see? February is our summer, good weather and it is just after the holidays so it will not be so busy, a good time to visit. You mention about going to the West from Sydney, that could take you nearly a weeks driving just to get there with only short stops along the way very rushed.

15.05.2008, 20:48
We while try to find out an opportunity of travel. And in January the greater problem will be with hotels and fuses on road. Still interestingly how much at you it is cold in May. Still more how many there is a flight from Sydney to Darwin? And what places are obligatory to visiting, natural beauty, than modern buildings more interest

Spasibo verymach:)

15.05.2008, 21:25
We look on Google photos of Australia. The desire to go grows with each photo. Interestingly and in lakes there it is possible to bathe? And crocodiles in all rivers live?

16.05.2008, 09:09
Hi Vbifus
Like Russia, Australia has a lot of different climates. In January it is hot in Sydney but you do get cool days and some rain. In Tasmania which is further south it is not as hot probably a top temperature of 25 to 30C with cooler nights. Perth would be lke Sydney though with no rain. Darwin/ Northern Australia would be very wet wih the monsoon rains and humid and some roads may be closed by flooding. By May the southern parts of Australia would be a lot cooler say around 18 to 24C, a little more wetter and there may be snow but only be falling on the mountain tops. Darwin and Northern Australia would be having dry weather temperature around 30C but not as humid, though at night it would be cooler inland. July August are the colder seasons but only Canberra has temperatures below freezing on a few nights.
What to see? If we look at the natural beauty there are the Blue Mountains near Sydney, then the coastal regions up to Queensland there is the Gold Coast with its theme parks, some would be interesting for children to visit then there is the Great Barrier Reef. There are day trips up to island stays. Drive inland through Longreach - it is cattle country. Could drive across the Sandover highway to Alice Springs, be in an arid area, gravel roads. Visit scenic sites around Alice Springs then drive to Ayers Rock (Uluru) and the Olgas, visit Kings Canyon then either turn south through Coober Peddy to Adelaide- vineyards, Kangaroo Island then to Melbourne via the Great Ocean road and visit sites in Victoria.
OR from Alice Springs go up to Darwin, visit Katherine gorge and Kakadu then across to the Western Australia.
OR from Alice Springs take the Tanami Track crosses Tanami Desert to Halls Creek then down to Broome, visit the gorges there, Momkey Mia for walking with the dolphins then on to Perth.
The above would take more like 3 months as there are many other sites not mentioned.
There are also some excellent walking trails in Tasmania, some are rugged and range from one day to a couple of weeks.
Swimming in the rivers and the ocean in Northern Australia is not recommended because of crocodiles, some areas are free of crocs. Swimming in the ocean during the rainy season November to May can be risky because of a dangerous jelly fish, you cannot always see it and it can be fatal.
People who go scuba diving have on rare occasions met sharks and been attacked. The popular beaches are patroled by lifesavers but you have to swim in certain areas as some times there are dangerous tides which can sweep swimmers away. But like anywhere, it is just common sense needed.
Snakes not a real problem just be careful and wear solid shoes.
Biggest problem in driving is that here the cars are right had drive and you have to get used to it!! Also there are long distances between towns once you are inland so you have to plan food and petrol stops.
There are regular flights between all cities see Virgin Blue http://www.virginblue.com.au/ and Jetstar http://www.jetstar.com/au/index.html which is the budget version of QANTAS. Some flights you might book through Jetstar the carrier will be QANTAS and the reverse applies. The airlines offer a wide range of prices, some cheap seats are quickly booked out and cannot be changed once you pay. The 2 budget airlines do not serve meals free, though you can buy food om board.
See also Lonely Planet, they give very good guides to places and what is there, food, accommodation, transport etc. http://www.lonelyplanet.com/

16.05.2008, 22:40
Privet LsBob
Many thanks. You have given to me a plenty of the information. The beginnings it to process. If you not against, still to backs to you questions, but later. But as all the same long to you to fly - almost 24 hours

16.05.2008, 23:27
Your daily rental rates include standard protection, where you leave an AU$7,500 bond, which will be debited to your credit card. This amount is held as your excess.

Current total: USD $4,695.63

I should have this sum on a credit card? I correctly understand all?

17.05.2008, 09:42
Hi Vbifus.
I went into the Britz site and started on a dummy hire for 32 days starting February next year on a Bushcamper 4wd for 2 adults and one child. For country of origon I used Russia. It came to $AUD 3579 which on the current exchange rate is around $US 3420 . If the bonus pack is added and a tent and chairs then it came to $AUD 5430.
It did mention about a security bond but I could not find its details. Your credit card would need this amount in it but it is only used if you wreck the car or sell it to some one else!! The companies enter details when you pick the vehicle up but do not action it until you fail to return the car. BUT check the car with the agent when you pick it up and mention any dents, scratches etc thingd not working. There should not be anything wrong with the vehicle but just in case they try to claim a previous dent etc against you. Britz are reliable but there a of couple not so honest car renters ---the real cheap ones.
Did you get my PM I sent it via ICQ to you yesterday ,it had another link in it. If not you might have to speak to the system moderator as to whether you can receive PM from over seas.
THe flight out is long 24 hours srunched up in an aeroplane:sad:

18.05.2008, 00:23
My doubts not in money. Simply I do not like to carry with myself greater sums of money. And cash and on a card. It seems to me that it is possible to conclude the contract of insurance offroad the car the car more full, by the way this norm under the deposit and for simple cars. Simply usually the insurance deposit was no more than 600 euros, that me and has surprised. The text about 7500 dollars is in section of standard insurance. You in Darwin have a branch if to you it is not complex, ask there a question. Once again I wish to express greater gratitude to you for advice and the information

18.05.2008, 00:30
From me a glass (this expression of community of owners Land Rovers of Russia, designates all possible gratitude which it is possible to express Russian vodka, but as a rule do not drink vodka, is simple expression of gratitude, Russian tradition:)). In Russian sounds as " S Menya Stakan ". I should you already many glasses:) (Stakanov)

18.05.2008, 08:36
We also say "Cheers" :) :) Here vodka is rarely drunk, most go for beer for social events or wine with meals.

It is standard for renting cars or some times even hotel rooms for the amount to be debited straight away against your credit card but it is not actually processed until your hire is finished. It is common now to pay by credit card so long as it is acccepted here ie Visa or Mastercard, some do not accept American Express now as its rates are dearer. I have Australian Visa in China in a withdrawl machine without any problems. Other cards are only used in Europe so they are not accepted here. You will need to see your Russian bank as to what Australian banks it has commercial arrangements with and you can make cash withdrawls from.
The only disadvantage of a credit card is that you do not exceed your limit. It could be a problem if you pay for your hire using it and in the same month you have a lot of other travel bookings made and a transaction could be rejected as your credit limit has been exceeded.
Some small centres do not have ATMs Automatic Teller Machines, so cash is still needed but mainky for small transactions.
but if you pay for your car hire before you leave Russia that will save you some problems.

19.05.2008, 18:14
We also say "Cheers" :) :) "Here vodka is rarely drunk, most go for beer for social events or wine with meals...."

In Russia there are some people, who can drink all bottle of VODKA withot stoped!:)

22.11.2008, 10:30
Hi Vbifus

Long time no hear. Is your planned trip still on to Australia or deferred for a while??