Просмотр полной версии : German Team #309 on Ladoga

05.06.2008, 02:54
This are very nice guys from German on orange Toyota (Fritz Becker and Dominique Trafoer). One of our friends from Germany ask us to send the regards to this team and of course we do it. Since we was on Ladoga from 3-4 of June we communicate with this team and they give us photos and videos for placing in our website with their impressive proto car. This pics have been made on the start of Ladoga.

05.06.2008, 03:05
This photos after official part of openning of Ladoga Trophy 2008, when German team prepare for the long trip to the camp.

05.06.2008, 03:09
And the first EXTREME! :laughing:

05.06.2008, 03:11
And think that it's not so siple to pass this bog of dirt.:)

05.06.2008, 03:15
Openning of beach racing. In my oppinion it's one of the most exciting part of Ladoga.

05.06.2008, 03:16
Also quadrocicles took part in this competition.:happy:

05.06.2008, 03:18
And of course proto car.

05.06.2008, 03:22
Brave and tired german Team after the race!:)

05.06.2008, 20:30
Alexander you are GREAT!!!!

Thank you very much for the images. I will post a few of them at www.offroad-forum.de

If you happen to see #606 maybe you manage a nice shot, too.

So long,