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Aleks - thank you for the information! I really only wanted to check that our economy had not fallen so badly that fuel would cost more in Russia than it does in the UK, but I think you still have a better price - fuel here is 45rub/litre for 95, this is the lowest price for some time as it was near 55rub last year
Russia's price for fuel is indeed great. My friends, cargo carriers, tell, that when a truck goes to Russian (let's say, from Ukraine), it takes as much fuel, as just enough to reach the first gas station at Russian territory. When it comes back to Ukraine, it carries as much fuel, as it is capable to. There are some law restrictions, though... Also it affects profitability of the whole trip, with Russian costs for mile higher, & the fuel prices much lower.

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We only really use petrol and coffee when racing - one goes in the people, one goes in the cars, which one goes into which thing is decided by how well things are going
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