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Hello LsBob! The most of small banks was already closed, salaries many times over cut down, to many people do not pay the salary on some months, the big part of workers at the large industrial enterprises and in large firms have dismissed, the prices for products have considerably increased, also grow up very high the prices for the supported cars, but the real estate which in Russia cost extremely expensively goes down in price. For last week on some roubles dollar exchange rates and euro have increased. A situation certainly not the best, but meanwhile and not so bad, as far as I know in the most of the countries of Europe, for example in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia etc. the situation is much worse rather than in Russia.
Here In New Zealand, we have had a "recession" for longer (begining 2008) and have been protected a little by having high proces for our farm products (diary milk etc) which have know gone down 40% so will affect everybody as there will be less money spend in the country, less goods produced, jobs lost etc, Interest rates for houses have dropped, Like Russia our houses are too expensive and slowly going down, we expect job losses here we have unemploment of 4.5%? expected to go to 8%, number of new and used cars sold has gone down 50% in one year But alcohol and food sales are still strong!!!!
New zealanders think they have it difficult but when I try to tell them how Russia was when the Rouble collasped in 1998 it is beyond there understanding!!!!
I am Lucky I have a no loan to the bank and a self employed Job in the Healthcare but my brother and two friends lost their jobs before Christmas
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